What razor can I carry on a plane?


Can I take my DE Razor in carry on luggage?

This topic comes up in our forums quite often and the answer is yes (and no…).

Let me clarify, you can take a DE razor in hand luggage provided it does not contain a DE blade. Razor blades are prohibited under the Sharp Items list.

What razor can I take in hand / carry on luggage?

It is ok to take a disposable cartridge system razor and blades in carry on. The guidelines from the UK Government website states:

Item Allowed in Hand Luggage Allowed in Hold Luggage
Fixed-cartridge razor blades (disposable razor) Yes Yes

Source https://www.gov.uk/hand-luggage-restrictions/personal-items

The TSA Website also states that DE Razor blades are prohibited from carry on / hand luggage but cartridge systems and spare blades are allowed.

Suggestions for Travel Razors

If you are like me and cartridge razors cause you too much irritation when you are using them, what options do we have if we only have carry on luggage?

Personally I bring a cheap safety razor and buy blades locally at my destination. Something like the Wilkinson Sword Classic or a Gillette Tech is cheap enough that if an over zealous security person decides to confiscate it then it won’t be a big deal. Of course the best option is putting your razor and blades in checked baggage (if you have some).

If you don’t mind using a cartridge system for a few days then there are some really cheap options on Amazon, the single blade Gillette Guard and Bic Metal may be better if the multi blade cartridges cause you irritation problems.

Gillette Guard Razor

Bic Metal Disposable Razor

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